Blastyx hits the net

The other day I spent some time with Phil Burns and the guys from Blastyx. We had fun creating a quick video about some of my wireless business (
and installation. I am still doing a lot of wireless R&D on
the side … outside of my day job at Agilix Labs. Blastyx is doing
some very cool work, and they have some very interesting ideas on where
to take next generation marketing. You can go and check out the
video … it’s the “Wireless Mountain Man” video …

Mesh Network Experimentation Grows

This announcement is yet another team of people who are capitalizing on
the continuing evolution of wireless hardware and software
capabilities. This team has created an almost “turn-key” solution
for creating wireless mesh networking nodes from inexpensive, and
possibly even older used, computer equipment. They claim to have
completely automated the configuration of the mesh … that is a big
deal. Expect to see more and more of this …

CUWiN Goes Public with Open-Source Mesh System.
The Champaign-Urbana Community Wireless Network (CUWiN) released the
fruit of their efforts at the end of the week: The project is an
open-source effort to provide mesh networking with no center. The
system is self configuring among nodes which need no non-volatile or
permanent storage. To set up a CUWiN network, you burn a CD with the
0.5.5 software later this week and use it to boot a computer with a
support wireless card. The system finds nearby nodes, creates tables,
and establishes itself as part of the network. The software is free and
open source. The full press release is after the jump…. [Wi-Fi Networking News]

Major Qwest Problems!

November 29, 2004 – As of 8:00am this morning we have been having
numerous problems with Qwest.  They have indicated they are having
major problems with some of their gateways, and that it is effecting
services across the state of Utah.

We apologize for the problems, and will continue to work with Qwest – and follow their progress – to get this resolved.

Utah storms, and various outages

We apologize to ur Wasatch County, Utah customers as we had quite a
week of storms … and problems … up here.  It turns out that
some of out new outdoor wireless equipment was not as waterproof as
they had hoped.  With the large storm system that came to the
county a week ago Sunday, we lost a total of three new pieces of
equipment due to water leaks.

The vendor was great about things.  We lost our main wireless
tower at our headquaters on Monday morning, after the initial front hit
us.  We exchanged this device with a spare that we had on
hand.  The next night – Tuesday – we lost that spare, and the Wing
Pointe apartments location.

On Wednesday, we were able to get the repairs completed with assistance
from the great folks at Euclid Timber Frames.  The vendor has
determined the problem and replaced our units.  We are back up and
running, and continuing to upgrade the network.

Mermaid Books, and A Cup of Joe

One of our most popular spots in town – A Cup of Joe – has changed
owners in the last several weeks.  After several conversations
with the new owner we were surprised to find out that he is installing
his own Internet services.  He informed us early last week that we
were welcome to remove our services at any time.  Instead of
leaving our customers without access, we looked at what other
businesses might be in the area.  As of Friday, we have moved …
across the hall!

We are glad to announce that we have now partnered with Mermaid Books,
and are able to provide the same Internet services – at the same prices
– at the same location.  Mermaid Books is a very cool shop
offering a variety of books and other items … and has a great owner!

Our Cafe PC is now in the sitting area at Mermaid Books, and we still
have the same wireless access – 24×7 – that covers the same areas and
upstairs.  If you want to, you ought to still be able to get
access at A Cup of Joe … so continue to buy your coffee, hang out,
visit Mermaid Books, and enjoy your Internet.  If you have
questions or comments about your service, please feel free to contact

Qwest Outage in Utah

Today there was a major Qwest backbone fiber cut by a backhoe just outside of Park
City, Utah. That fiber happened to be our main Internet
connection for the data center. The fiber cut caused a complete network failure.  The outage started
around 9:00am, and repair of the 144-fiber trunk was finally completed
around 3:00pm. During that time a significant portion of the network was down and without access.

We apologize for the outage, and will continue to explore ways to
implement even more redundancy in our neworks. If you were
impacted by this damage and unable to access the Internet, send us an
e-mail and we’ll add a day of credit to your account! now accepting PayPal and credit cards!

Now you can purchase your Internet Access using PayPal, or your credit
card! As of last week, we have implemented a new payment system
that allows you the flexibility of paying for your Internet
Access completely on-line. In the past, our Internet
Access Coupons were available at all of our locations. Some locations have made the choice to no longer carry the cash
coupons, but don’t worry … you will be able to continue to experience our cost effective service by paying on-line.

Access to the new payment system is through our login page, using the
same payment link that you used in the past. Now, once you have
entered your username and password, you have the option to click the
PayPal link to pay with a PayPal account, or credit card. You will be
automatically redirected to the secure PayPal web site to enter your
payment information.  We are
able to accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or
eCheck. Upon completion of the PayPal transaction, your account
will be updated and ready to use!

We hope this adds even more flexibility to our services, and let us know how we can continue to improve our services!

Bad Ass Coffee – Salt Lake City on-line! is happy to announce another Bad Ass Coffee
location has joined our network! The Bad Ass Coffee in Salt Lake
City, located at 3530 South State Street is now offering Internet
Access to their customers. This location has high-speed 802.11b
wireless, and also has a PC on-site for customers to use.

The Bad Ass Coffee Company was started on the Big Island of Hawaii
in July of 1989 and has become one of the largest sellers of Kona
coffee in the world. In 1995, Michael Bilanzich of Salt Lake City, Utah
purchased Royal Aloha Coffee, Tea & Spice Company and the Bad Ass
Coffee Company. They opened their first Bad Ass Coffee Company store in
Salt Lake City in May 1995 at 3530 South State Street, their next
location in Park City at 651 Park Avenue in July 1995. They are
continuing to grow with numerous shops in Hawaii and throughout the
continental United States and Canada. 

If you are in the area in Salt Lake City, stop in … grab a coffee and something to eat …. cruise the net … and enjoy!

Preparing for Sundance!
In preparation for the Sundance Film Festival, is glad to announce the coming of another location – in Park City, Utah!

The Bad Ass Coffee Company at 651 Park Avenue will have Ethernet and 802.11b Wireless Internet Access for anyone wanting to grab a cup of coffee and jump on the Internet. The installation is being done now, and is scheduled to be completed by Friday. provides low-cost, high-speed Internet access at several locations in Salt Lake City, and this new location expands our reach to the Park City area. A complete list of Internet Access Locations can be found here!