Palm vs. iPaq …
I have to say that although I have been using a Palm for some years (a Palm Pro, to a Palm VII, and now a Visor Edge), and hated the early Pocket PCs from Compaq, I am now seeing that we are well on our way towards the full wearable/handheld PC. In watching what I can do with a iPaq, I am now more impressed … not enough to buy one … but at the point of seeing the power of bringing Windows to a handheld.

I am still an avid believer in the coming Wearable Computer revolution, and can see that Windows XP will end up being the predominant operating system of these machines. In the mean time, there are several reasons why I believe that the Palm is limited, and the iPaq is a superior solution. I’ll use some current research as an example of the limitations:

I am currently working on a full time, wireless, presence and instant messaging research project. I would like to incorporate GPS into this solution for sharing my geographic location with friends – full latitude and longitude with altitude. Do create this solution I require the following:

  • a PDA, handheld, wearable, or pocket PC
  • 802.11b wireless communications
  • CDPD wireless communications
  • GPS satellite positioning information

Anyone that is aware of the current Palm PDA and Handspring Visor architectures knows that I can only attach one of the required devices at a time … and I could even live with being able to attach two!

I agree completely with this article … Palm is stagnating and doesn’t understand where to go next …

DataQuest: iPAQ Sales Overtaking Palm. Researcher blames Palm’s lack of innovation. [ Product News]

The Singularity …
As I have continued my research into evolutionary theory, and have now attended several conferences where Ray Kurzweil has presented, I am in alignment with those who see the Singularity coming upon us. It is not good or bad … it simply is, and will be. To me, the Singularity is a point where the evolution of humanity into a planetary-scale organism occurs. It might sound funny, but it is similar to the “assimilation” that we hear about on Star Trek. It is the creation of a new entity on earth … a new substrate … beyond both the genetic and memetic substrates that exist today. It is the creation of a new form of bond … a new form of communications. I’ll be writing more as I learn more and theorize more! 😉

Singularity – In another 100 years (sans major wars, famines, or diseases) computers will be unimaginably smarter than humans and other advances in sciences like biotech and nanotech will have made our physical bodies irrelevant. This seems like common sense to me. In fact, I don’t argue with the people who say it might happen sooner. This possibility, commonly called singularity, has many followers. In a way, it is as if the whole world is realizing that we’ve already built a tower ten times the size of Babel and God hasn’t woken up yet — and if we can have just a few more minutes, we’ll be able to finally sneak in and see what heaven is like. Of course, even the conservative estimates of singularity would say that a human intellect compared to a cockroach is a charitable comparison when the human intellect is pitted agsinst the computers of singularity. The idea that these computers will even comprehend that humans want the computers to be our servants is perhaps as believable as the guy who talks to cockroaches and knows what they want. In other words, the world of singularity is certainly not a world for humans — at least not humans in any form remotely comprehensible to us today (and if humans morph into transcendental unified trans-bloogified entities, we aren’t really humans anymore, are we?). So there is quite a bit of speculation about whether it will be “good” or “bad” when (if) we get a chance to blow the lid off this thing. I personally don’t see how such distinctions will be possible, any more than a rock can contemplate the “goodness” of the current world. I also know that sitting around speculating about it is not going to do much more than give the crabs a chance to cook up a scheme to pull the tower back down. And one cannot judge harshly those who decided that the tower was the road to hell. If the crab climbs out of the pot, what’s to say that he won’t attract the attention of a hungry predator and get the whole pot gobbled up? Maybe the other crabs are wise to question exactly what it is that seems to be hypnotizing Jonathon Livingston Crab and making him so anxious to leave the safe comfort of the bucket? All vanity, anyway… [Better Living Through Software]

Round Four with Novell Complete!
So I am now done with Round Four at Novell. I have been working at Novell for the last year, and have enjoyed it tremendously. I returned this last time to complete a number of outstanding issues from the past, and to pursue from possibilities that I saw. I also was committed that I would leave Novell this time under completely different circumstances, and I have!

This time, I offered to be layed-off when it became obvious that my projects were not going to be funded and supported for success. There is nothing wrong with this … it’s just a choice of the current executive team and leadership, based on the type of company they are looking to create.

This break is going to give me a chance to get caught up on reading, writing, and a number of other things I want to get complete! Life is grand! 😉