International Symposium on Wearable Computers
After wanting to attend this conference for several years now, the planets aligned. The conference was in Seattle, and I was able to break away and go! I have to admit that ISWC 2002 was smaller than I would have anticipated in size and attendance, but well worth the price and time in the content and what I was able to learn.

The conference started with some tutorials and I chose to attend one on power issues with wearables, and the state of power solutions. It was a good talk, and I was able to get some insight into where research is going. One thing that I started to realize is that, IMHO, battery technology evolution is being underestimated.

The next three days consisted of papers that were presented. Each paper was given 30 minutes, and they had breaks every hour and a half. It was great … hearing everything from work on the International Space Station (Yes, they are using 802.11b wireless on ther space station!), to location-based services and map rendering, to the various software that is being developed to create augmented and mediated reality. I’ll talk more about this in future posts.

Overall, it was a blast. I can’t wait for next year … I’ll be there in a very different capacity … 😉

Mestizo Gallery reopens as Angles Deli and Cafe!
After the Olympics were over, the Mestizo Gallery went through serveral transitions … and as of several months ago, it has reopened as Angles Deli and Cafe! You can visit their web site to read about the events and see their menu.

There is more space for meetings and gatherings, along with more Ethernet jacks for laptops. Currently, there is a single PC that can be used by customers and, of course, there is 802.11b wireless also! Come in, cruise the net, check your mail, and have a coffee!

The Birth of Samuel Curtis Lemon …
I’ve put together some pictures of my son’s birth. And also of the my parents first visit to see him. Samuel is named after my father and grandfather as a tribute to who they are in the world for me. One thing that I truly recognize is how my father has been committed to me all of my life, and how my grandfather was committed to him. Sam’s middle name is my middle name … so I do get a little bit of a link through his name.

Now I get to be committed to generating him in the world … and I look forward to the adventure!

Time gaps …
It’s funny how I have slipped from blogging from time to time. It seems that life just picks up and gets going at a pace that I just can’t keep up. Looking at my last post, I just can’t believe that it’s been that long. I’ve been keeping very busy the last several months … and of course that means that huge shifts have occurred.

I can’t believe it, but I just celebrated my one year wedding anniversary! Even with my wife Tracy being very pregnant, we had a great time close to home. We celebrated it in Salt Lake City … and talked about planning the next one to be somewhere very different. This special day was barely four weeks before the anticipated due date of our baby …

On the due date of our baby … the baby chose to arrive! Well … almost. He was actually born at 2:19am on the 13th of September … just hours into the next day. The last five+ weeks of my life have been amazing … what an experience. I just created a new category to post about my son – Samuel Curtis Lemon – and keep track of some of the amazing transformations that occur with him each day.

Anyhow … I am looking forward to getting back into the blogging … I’m starting to really have some fun with things …