Interesting read … all sorts of perspective on changes to the human brain in recent years … myopia caused by reading more and more?

ABSTRACT: Storfer’s (2000) argument that there was a parallel
increase in myopia, brain size, and intelligence due to
urbanization (complex visual inputs) during the last century is
analyzed in this commentary. Sex differences, sex hormones, and
human handedness also need to be considered. In his excellent
monograph, Storfer (1999) argues that human brains gradually
increased in size during the past century along with a dramatic
upsurge of myopia, which is highly correlated with human
intelligence. Storfer also argues that these adaptive changes
following urbanization may occur by adaptive epigenetic inheritance
without violating the basic concepts of Darwin’s theory.

With wireless wearable computers, this will get even more impressive …
With our wearable computer research, and digital identity project, we are also looking to add a lot of geospacial applications … this is nothing! There are going to be so many virtual object servers out there in a world, they’ll be fighting for your attention. A virtual object server might contain all sorts of objects, which will appear to you in your VR (virtual reality) or AR (augmented reality) goggles as you wander around in the physical universe … this stuff is coming quickly.

Handhelds: Tagger’s Best Friend?. Call it digital graffiti: a fledgling wireless application that allows users to leave floating messages wherever they go. Sounds spacey — and prone to abuse, observers say. By Aparna Kumar. [Wired News]

Yeah sure … his company is hurting now, just wait for wearables …
This guy is jumping to all kinds of conclusions … just to defend his current market?

Yeah … he’s really looking to promote his lagging sales. These limited capability little toys are only going to last a few years. You’ll be buying them for children to play with …

CEO: Users Dislike PC-Like Appliances. Claims Cidco, RIM prove users just want e-mail [allNetDevices Wireless News]

An awesome Flash site … based on the work of a visionary …
I have to say that I am beyond impressed with the incredible vision and foresight of Ray Kurzweil … and this is a cool site based of this incredible book. If you have not yet read this book, it is a must read! His upcoming book on the Singularity is also bound to be awesome. I am now working on my first paper on my theories of memetics … we’ll see how it goes …

Alternative rock album based on “Spiritual Machines” [Nanodot: News and Discussion of Coming Technologies]

YES! I agree completely! And I’m building one now …
I just bought a new LCD monitor for the car … it’ll run on 12vdc, and I’m looking to test it out this weekend on our trip to Goblin Valley! We’ll be hiking Little Wild Horse Canyon, and then wandering around the goblins … this is going to be a wild trip! This will be the first testing of my “in car” computer (which I intend to permanently mount in the car), but also using wearable computers in the wildernes … full GPS tracking, and using the USGS DEMS maps …

Smart Cars Net Wireless Users. Forget trying to look for directions or shop on a handheld, auto-loving Americans will prefer dashboard delivery of information. Elisa Batista reports from the Mobile Commerce conference in San Jose, California. [Wired News]

Yes Adam, you are on exactly the right track!
This is the exact area that we are exploring with our 802.11b project at Novell … this is right on track!

Is the Payphone Dead? [via Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters] Why not let local citizens (who live near a booth) pay a minimum monthly fee to receive a 802.11b wireless card for their PC, place a base station in the phone cell…..last mile problem solved 🙂 [Adam Curry: CurryDotCom]

Digital Identity: Close, but not quite far enough …
This is very good to see that a government is getting so involved in digital identity management. What they might consider is that this will end up being a voluntary process, and that many other identity storage and exchange locations are going to arise. The nice thing here is that the government is going to be verifying your identity, and will end up being the “verified identity provider” for their citizens. This is a big step in creating the true digital identity for commerce …

Dutch Propose Digital Information Safes [Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters]