Internet Identity Workshop 2005

I’m sitting here today thinking through all of the various posts that I
want to write coming from Internet Identity Workshop 2005.  It was a great workshop,
arranged by some great people, and attended by some amazing
people.  It was fun to meet – face to face – some of the people
that I have read on-line and e-mailed with.

I’ve got thoughts on LID, OpenID, Sxip, and InfoCards … all of which
I’ll write about in the upcoming days.  I also was glad to meet
other people there and engage in conversations about other software
solutions, hosted services, and open source projects.

If only I had a lot more time to focus on this space … I’m committed
to add some very cool identity management and social networking to our
GoBinder products …

Accelerando … Science Future

If you have not yet read Accelerando I suggest that you purchase or
download (Yes! He has a free version that you can download!) a
copy.  I am a big fan of Neal Stephenson’s SnowCrash and Diamond
Age, and this is yet another a fun book to read.  Charles Stross
has done an awesome job of extrapolating today’s technology and
research into a great possible future.

Go get it … read it.  Welcome to the future …

If it’s not one thing …

Well … I kept playing around with Radio prior to the Internet Identity Workshop 2005 and
all of the sudden it began to work!  No idea why … maybe it knew
that I had my first two Drupal sites up and running … 🙂

Of course, it did me NO good at IIW, since the wireless network
completely sucked and was unusable.  Now that the workshop is
over, I’m on my own network where connectivity exists.

For all of the people who think that “bandwidth and connectivity will
be everywhere”, I’d like to believe the story, but this workshop was
the second example in the last month where a “high-tech” conference was
unable to live up to the promise.

Ok … sorry for the complaining … now I’ll get to my blog posts!

Problems with Radio

I am now committed to locate a new blogging tool … although I know
that the search is going to be tough. For years I have used Radio
from userland Software, however it keeps giving me fits and I have now
been unable to get a blog post to “post” for weeks.

Radio has some incredible features that I exploit, and I have grown so
used to how to get things done I really like it. If only it would
work consistently.

I’m doing this as a test to see if threatening to leave this piece of software might cause it to work again …

Who knows …