Hot Spots vs. the Cellular Carriers … one possible scenario …
I was sitting here tonight reading, and started to wonder if the slow and limited data bandwidth that the cellular carriers are going to provide is simply going to be used to locate the next high-speed 802.11x Hot Spot that you’re going to use … 😉

WLAN Hotspots to Grow Fast: Report. Says handhelds will benefit most [allNetDevices Wireless News]

Art and Music … very cool article and site …
This is a “must keep” web site … this guy is extremely creative. Not only is he modifying toys and other sounds producing devices in artistic ways, he is adding jacks and pitch controls so that they can be used by bands! You too can plug a noisy kids toy into your amp and add a whole new dimension of sound to your bands music!

Tech Toys Become Modern Instruments [Slashdot]

Web Services and Information availability …
I really liked reading about this project since it truly shows the level of information that can be obtained via the web. This raw information, and making raw information available, is what will allow wide ranges of web services to be made available … and whole new generations of distributed applications to be created.

Imagine the web service that uses this weather data to automatically suggest outdoor (or indoor) activities in a city based on the temperature and weather. Or even forecasting the likelyhood of star gazing that evening, and suggesting what to wear.

Web services are going to be massively distributed applications which build on the raw data, and eventually provide a user interface – through a browser or other visual/audible notifications. In between these two ends will be more services built on top of other services and raw data … massive networks of objects communicating with each other using standardized protocols.

So this is a cool raw data source … 😉

GoWeather 2001.10.24. Graphically displays current conditions and 5-day forecast for a location. []

More mapping software …
As location based services become more and more a part of our lives we are going to want to know where important things are located – including ourselves!

I like this project due to the “moving map” capabilities, and also the support for BSB charts. These are a format used in the Marine Navigation market … something that I love … being out on a boat!

Hugo 1.2.1. GPS-capable moving map software. []

Lapse from posting …
I have been swamped lately … living in complete overwhelm. With the various consulting opportunities that I have, and creating a 802.11 wireless network, and creating a digital identity application, and assisting with some local conferences, AND continuing my R&D into memetics and ontology … I have been quite busy. In addition, I am committed to my house and my family.

So as of today I am continuing my reading and posting … and I also promise to update to Radio v8 soon … within the next week or so.