Why Broadband Rocks … even more …

Broadband rocks.  Period.  A month or so ago I bought my Broadband service from Cingular / AT&T.  I’ve been using it weekly, if not daily, since then and I am very satisfied with it.  Now I’m a die-hard WiFi fan … but it is the unusual circumstances that I can now take advantage of that makes all of the difference.

I’m actually posting this blog post from a Delta jet, sitting on the tarmac at Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta.  I am on my way from Salt Lake City to Pittsburgh via Atlanta, and we were held on take-off from Atlanta.  The pilot immediately came on and apologized, and indicated that we have at least a 30 minute wait.  All the sudden I remembered … I have Broadband!

For the last 20+ minutes I’ve been on IM, picking and replying to e-mail and writing this blog post.  Oh yeah … I did check … no WiFi anywhere that I can pick up.  But I have a nice strong 3G signal, good bandwidth, and I’m getting work done.

For the last four weeks I’ve been monitoring my usage, and this is the fourth or fifth time that I have been able to get work done where there was no WiFi.  (Wow … we’re moving on the runway, but they indicated that we don’t yet have to turn off our electronic devices!) In watching my usage, I’ve been averaging ~100MB / day of downstream data … with ~40MB upstream.  I only occasionally detect lag …

Uh oh … time to shut down …

Coming soon … Neanderthal Park with live Neanderthals!

We’re getting closer … it’s just a matter of time.  It appears that European researchers have now gotten closer to reconstructing a complete genome of ancient Neanderthals.  So if we follow the story line of Jurassic Park, we’ll be able to recreate some actual Neanderthals, and maybe create a park for them to live someplace.

This might sound far fetched, however I could see some company – or country – seeing the lucrative market for this and actually begin to exploit this genetic research to do exactly that.  As we continue to make these breakthroughs in genetics, it’s only a matter of time before we start to see some pretty wild uses of the research for commercial reasons.  I’m afraid that besides the medical and knowledge purposes, there are going to be some massive commercial business models that emerge.

From the article:

Researchers studying Neanderthal DNA say it should be possible to construct a complete genome of the ancient hominid despite the degradation of the DNA over time.

There is also hope for reconstructing the genome of the mammoth and cave bear, according to a research team led by Svante Paabo of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany.

So also expect the sale of recreated mammoths to zoos world wide … imagine what zoo would not want to be able to show off a “real” mammoth to attract attention.  We are entering interesting times!

Source: Researchers: Neanderthal DNA Sequence Can Be Rebuilt
FOXNews.com Jun 27 2007 10:56AM GMT