Blogging from my cellphone

Well … I tried it for the first time.  And it worked … sort of.

I enabled the Mail-toWeblog feature in Radio, and wanted to see if I
could begin to blog from my new Nokia cell phone.  It worked …
and you can see with the post before this one …  that there are
still some things to be worked out.  Obviously, Radio didn’t deal
with the mime headers too well.  (Or the ‘content type’ headers

Anyhow … it’s a start!

Content-Type: text/plain; filename=8Ol2b.txt; name=8Ol2b.txt; charset=utf-8
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
Content-Location: 8Ol2b.txt
Content-Disposition: inline; filename=8Ol2b.txt

CellPost: this is a test of posting to my blog from my new cellphone. I have never used the Mail-to-Weblog feature in Radio, but now that I have a keyboard on my new Nokia I thought that I would give it a try!

If this works, then I’ll be posting from a lot of new places. Next I’ll have to see what happens when I attach a picture!

Here goes …

Major Qwest Problems!

November 29, 2004 – As of 8:00am this morning we have been having
numerous problems with Qwest.  They have indicated they are having
major problems with some of their gateways, and that it is effecting
services across the state of Utah.

We apologize for the problems, and will continue to work with Qwest – and follow their progress – to get this resolved.

Learn from the philosophy of identity … there’s a pony in there somewhere!

I have to agree with Kim – and I guess Craig Burton also – that
creating software identity solutions is a different conversation than
exploring the philosophical thoughts on identity. I would suggest
that even this paper that Kim referenced provides some high-level,
abstract concepts that can drive a successful model of storing and
brokering identity.

I believe that it is important to focus on tools that assist us in
gathering, rendering, and managing our ‘identity’. We then have
the ability to share this information – upon request, or proactively –
with a simple set of rules. This is like the ‘learning firewall’
products, or how IE or Mozilla learn our preferences for dealing with
website cookies.

Likewise, I also believe that it is important to understand the
foundations of identity to better understand the information that is to
be stored. It’s not enough to know the values of various identity
attributes. We have to know who is the definitive source of that
identity information, and what are the units of measurement.

Lastly, we have to understand that our identity evolves with
time. It is important that identity management solutions record
identity over time, and allow us to query our identity information at
any point of time. These same solutions have to be able to
trigger actions upon identity updates being recorded … to automate
the process of notifications to the communities that we want ‘kept in

Yes … this particular paper goes too deep into the philosophy of
identity, however it does reference some of the important issues
to be dealt with!

Olson, Eric T., “Personal Identity“, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Fall 2002 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.)

One important conclusion is that the philosophy of identity is orthogonal to the current discussion.

[Kim Cameron’s Identity Weblog]

Podgregators, and podgregation

I realized that for hours yesterday I started to look heavily into
various ways to receive “podcasts”. I have links from Phil
, Scoble, and others … and have started the process of
checking out the software they are using. As of this morning, I
realized that I am looking for a good “podgregator” … and aggregator for podcasts … software for effection “podgregation”.

You heard it here first! 😉

Moving into Torrents

I’ve been following the BitTorrent
craze for a while now, and have to admit that I like the
technology.  However as most of us in business know it’s not all
about technology, it’s about turning technology into usable solutions
… stuff that people use.  Yes, I do know that a lot of people
are using BitTorrent, however when I see a project like this I really
see technology being evolved into something usable by a larger audience.

I downloaded the project, and am going to play with it … so far, I
like what I see.  It appears that I might have found an easier way
to create torrents.  As all of this becomes a simpler process,
even more people will jump into the distribution of large objects.

Blog Torrent Beta Released [Slashdot:]

We all create our own realities …

I liked reading Phil’s thoughts … for several reasons.  First, I
really like that he loads his iPod with cool stuff to listen to …
even when walking the dog.  Second, I like the fact that I can
point Phil at a local Utah company – SkullCandy – for the solution to his iPod/Cellphone problem.  They have a cool toy called the Link that allows you to have both Cell and MP3 player attached to the same headset.  Phil … have fun with it!  😉

The third reason is that I really like Phil’s quote:

… I realize that
knowledge (the classification and relationship of information) [is] not
something external in the sense that Aristotle would have thought about
it, but something that’s internal. We each create our own system of
knowledge over the course of a lifetime and that more than anything
defines who we are.
[Windley’s Enterprise Computing Weblog]

This is almost straight from the movie “What the BLEEP!?
in that we seldom realize that we create the stories of our lives, and
the models of the universe, that we choose to live into.  We live
as thought what we know and believe is “true” and “real” … instead of
what we choose to believe.  And it is so real to us that it molds
who we are …

I’m looking for something like this … Podcatcher

I don’t yet have an iPod … but I’m close to getting one.  I do
want to take advantage of podcasts however … so when I saw this I
liked it.  I am looking for something exactly like this.  I
simple background process that would grab the podcasts that I’m
intersted in, manage my local cache, and build and update playlists for
me.  I’m going to experiment with this one:

Podcatcher 0.1.3. A podcast download tool. []