80211.net deploys in Wasatch County, Utah!
Continuing the work to provide lost-cost high-speed Internet Access, 80211.net has expanded its residential and apartment complex services. We have expanded our facilities into a new data center in Heber City, Utah – located in Wasatch County – and are now able to provide wireless connectivity to the outlying areas of the county. This expands on the original Salt Lake City deployments which have now been operational for over one year now.

There are a number of DSL providers offering service in the central downtown Heber City area, however 80211.net is expanding our network into the more rural areas where DSL is not available. The new hub of this network is located near the Heber Valley Airport and includes over 1500 square feet of new office and data center space. This new location is also at the end of a new fiber trunk installed by Qwest and has 100 pair of high-speed lines brought to the building.

Along with this new location, 80211.net is continuing to upgrade its wireless equipment, routers, and servers. We have added several new amplified antennas, and upgraded radios and access points to allow for more sophisticated monitoring and management. Several new network management applications have also been added that allow the 80211.net staff to be aware of the network conditions, and plan for future expansion.

80211.net is a Wireless ISP and network development consulting organization. We have extensive expertise in wired and wireless networking, authentication and access control systems, Internet Cafe deployments, apartment complex and multi-tenant building deployments, and wide-area wireless networks with alternative power solutions.