Web Services and Information availability …
I really liked reading about this project since it truly shows the level of information that can be obtained via the web. This raw information, and making raw information available, is what will allow wide ranges of web services to be made available … and whole new generations of distributed applications to be created.

Imagine the web service that uses this weather data to automatically suggest outdoor (or indoor) activities in a city based on the temperature and weather. Or even forecasting the likelyhood of star gazing that evening, and suggesting what to wear.

Web services are going to be massively distributed applications which build on the raw data, and eventually provide a user interface – through a browser or other visual/audible notifications. In between these two ends will be more services built on top of other services and raw data … massive networks of objects communicating with each other using standardized protocols.

So this is a cool raw data source … 😉

GoWeather 2001.10.24. Graphically displays current conditions and 5-day forecast for a location. [freshmeat.net]

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