Mermaid Books, and A Cup of Joe

One of our most popular spots in town – A Cup of Joe – has changed
owners in the last several weeks.  After several conversations
with the new owner we were surprised to find out that he is installing
his own Internet services.  He informed us early last week that we
were welcome to remove our services at any time.  Instead of
leaving our customers without access, we looked at what other
businesses might be in the area.  As of Friday, we have moved …
across the hall!

We are glad to announce that we have now partnered with Mermaid Books,
and are able to provide the same Internet services – at the same prices
– at the same location.  Mermaid Books is a very cool shop
offering a variety of books and other items … and has a great owner!

Our Cafe PC is now in the sitting area at Mermaid Books, and we still
have the same wireless access – 24×7 – that covers the same areas and
upstairs.  If you want to, you ought to still be able to get
access at A Cup of Joe … so continue to buy your coffee, hang out,
visit Mermaid Books, and enjoy your Internet.  If you have
questions or comments about your service, please feel free to contact

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