Bad Ass Coffee – Salt Lake City on-line! is happy to announce another Bad Ass Coffee
location has joined our network! The Bad Ass Coffee in Salt Lake
City, located at 3530 South State Street is now offering Internet
Access to their customers. This location has high-speed 802.11b
wireless, and also has a PC on-site for customers to use.

The Bad Ass Coffee Company was started on the Big Island of Hawaii
in July of 1989 and has become one of the largest sellers of Kona
coffee in the world. In 1995, Michael Bilanzich of Salt Lake City, Utah
purchased Royal Aloha Coffee, Tea & Spice Company and the Bad Ass
Coffee Company. They opened their first Bad Ass Coffee Company store in
Salt Lake City in May 1995 at 3530 South State Street, their next
location in Park City at 651 Park Avenue in July 1995. They are
continuing to grow with numerous shops in Hawaii and throughout the
continental United States and Canada. 

If you are in the area in Salt Lake City, stop in … grab a coffee and something to eat …. cruise the net … and enjoy!

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