New location coming! Emigration Market
We have a new Internet Cafe coming on-line soon. The 802.11b wireless access is now up and operation, and we are completing the Ethernet wiring, and coupon sales system over the next week or so.

Emigration Market is located at 1700 East 1300 South, Salt Lake City, UT and is a complete grocery store, deli, and cafe. Customers will soon have the ability to enjoy high-speed Internet Access while sitting indoors, or out on their patio.

This new location adds to our existing locations in the Salt Lake City area –

A Cup of Joe (353 West 200 South)
SugarHouse Coffee (1100 East 2100 South)

The Neuron-Silicon Interface and the Future of Neural Prosthetics
Ok … I have to admit that I really want to go to this Neuron-Silicon Interface conference. This is even beyond where the wearable computer research is going … however along the same path. At the upcoming IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers there are a number of very impressive presentations on where the wearable market is moving … however “Neuron-Silicon Interface” will take this concept even further.

When listening to Ray Kurzweil speak about the future, I see these types of discussions very enlightening on our progress in exploring the man-machine interfaces of the future. What is interesting is when you begin to think about the possibilities that will emerge as these neural implants become much more “mainstream”. Just as we are seeing a new culture of piercings, tatoos, and now “extreme body modifications“, I can see in the not-too-distant-future that our culture will embrace a wide range of neural enhancing technologies.

I love the wild ride that we are on … and look forward to what we can’t see over that next rise.