More connections at A Cup of Joe!
As of this weekend, there are new Ethernet connections that have been installed at A Cup of Joe, increasing the places that you can sit, enjoy a good cup of coffee, and cruise the Internet with your laptop.

A Cup of Joe, located at 353 West 200 South in Salt Lake City, was one of the first locations to open. They offer a broad range of fresh roasted coffees and a number of other treats. In addition, they host a range of meetings and gatherings from the local art community.

The upgrade this weekend added new Ethernet jacks near the front windows looking out to 200 South, and new Ethernet jacks on the wall to the right of the cash register counter. All of these are 10/100Mbps Ethernet connections, and add to the existing Ethernet support and 802.11b wireless access.

Stop in, bring your laptop, and give it a try!

New location coming! Emigration Market
We have a new Internet Cafe coming on-line soon. The 802.11b wireless access is now up and operation, and we are completing the Ethernet wiring, and coupon sales system over the next week or so.

Emigration Market is located at 1700 East 1300 South, Salt Lake City, UT and is a complete grocery store, deli, and cafe. Customers will soon have the ability to enjoy high-speed Internet Access while sitting indoors, or out on their patio.

This new location adds to our existing locations in the Salt Lake City area –

A Cup of Joe (353 West 200 South)
SugarHouse Coffee (1100 East 2100 South)

Planned update of Wasatch County network
On Saturday morning, August 30th, 2003 we are going to perform some updates to the Wasatch County network that might impact users in Wasatch County. These updates will allow us to provide better and broader coverage throughout Wasatch County and the Heber Valley.

We will be starting our work on Friday evening, and begin the major work around 8:00am Saturday morning. We plan to complete the work by early afternoon on Saturday. The current work plan does not involve any work that will cause network problems, however as usual issues can always arise. In these cases, we will work to minimize the time that the network might be down.

None of the updates that we are performing will have any impact on our Salt Lake City locations or Internet Cafe’s.

Major Qwest outage disrupts service!
Once again, Qwest communications had a fiber-cut accident in the Park City / Summit County area that knocked out all phone and internet services in Summit and Wasatch Counties.

The outage lasted 6 to 8 hours and was not fully recovered until somewhere around 6:00pm last night. After that time, we were able to work on our systems, resetting the appropriate servers and services to get things back up and running by this morning.

We apologize for the problems, and please feel free to contact us about credit for lost time!

Internet Access at A Cup of Joe! is glad to announce (a little late!) that we are now offering high-speed Internet Access at A Cup of Joe in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. You can find this awesome establishment at 353 West 200 South and be prepared for an inviting environment, great coffee, a quick snack … and of course wired and wireless Internet Access!

We want to thank Joe for inviting us to compliment his business with ours, and we look forward to providing our customers with a quality experience!

Angles Deli and Cafe closed down …
We are sorry to announce that back in February we were forced to close down our Internet services at Angles Deli and Cafe in Salt Lake City, Utah. For over a month they were charging customers for our services … and then not paying us. We apologize for any inconvenience to any of our customers, and would be glad to offer credit at our new location … just two blocks up the street at A Cup of Joe! deploys in Wasatch County, Utah!
Continuing the work to provide lost-cost high-speed Internet Access, has expanded its residential and apartment complex services. We have expanded our facilities into a new data center in Heber City, Utah – located in Wasatch County – and are now able to provide wireless connectivity to the outlying areas of the county. This expands on the original Salt Lake City deployments which have now been operational for over one year now.

There are a number of DSL providers offering service in the central downtown Heber City area, however is expanding our network into the more rural areas where DSL is not available. The new hub of this network is located near the Heber Valley Airport and includes over 1500 square feet of new office and data center space. This new location is also at the end of a new fiber trunk installed by Qwest and has 100 pair of high-speed lines brought to the building.

Along with this new location, is continuing to upgrade its wireless equipment, routers, and servers. We have added several new amplified antennas, and upgraded radios and access points to allow for more sophisticated monitoring and management. Several new network management applications have also been added that allow the staff to be aware of the network conditions, and plan for future expansion. is a Wireless ISP and network development consulting organization. We have extensive expertise in wired and wireless networking, authentication and access control systems, Internet Cafe deployments, apartment complex and multi-tenant building deployments, and wide-area wireless networks with alternative power solutions.

Mestizo Gallery reopens as Angles Deli and Cafe!
After the Olympics were over, the Mestizo Gallery went through serveral transitions … and as of several months ago, it has reopened as Angles Deli and Cafe! You can visit their web site to read about the events and see their menu.

There is more space for meetings and gatherings, along with more Ethernet jacks for laptops. Currently, there is a single PC that can be used by customers and, of course, there is 802.11b wireless also! Come in, cruise the net, check your mail, and have a coffee! adopts Open Source Software
After months of following the project, and then experimenting with the software, has fully adopted the Authentication solution. We have even been hacking away at the code, and coupled NoCat to a LDAP directory service … and kicked the new back to the project.

NoCat has allowed us to create a powerful authentication and billing system for account management and control. It is also providing us the foundation to build some new advanced services. When you go and login … you’ll be seeing the NoCat logo …

First Location Opens!
On February 5th, 2002 the first location came on-line
and is open and working!  We turned up our services at the Mestizo Gallery and Cafe, located at 511 West 200 South, Salt Lake City, Utah.  As an Olympic special, we are offering free access for laptop owners (802.11b Wireless and Wired Ethernet) for the first two weeks through February 22nd.  Stop in … have some coffee … cruise the net!