Earth Browser …
Again I have to thank Adam for pointing out this great application … it is a great example of the aggregation of, and presentation of, a wide range of planetary sensors.

earth browser. Last week on my way to florida I met a 747 captain who was very enthousiastic about showing me all the cool stuff he had on his Mac. With ease he showed me qucktime DV movies of him flying a gypsy moth (with wooden airframe) only feet above the surface of the English Channel and other neat multimedia stuff. I noticed an icon titled ‘Earth Browser‘ on his desktop, he couldn’t show me the whole application since it rerally needs a net connection to function properly, but I downloaded it this morning and was amazed at botht he program and the business model.

Earth Browser is a graphic rich application that aggregates all kinds of freely available weather related data and presents it as an interactive world map that can be customized to who weather, webcams, forecasts and almost anything a pilot wants for a general weather briefing. $29.95 removes some limitations and let’s you zoom into 2 kilometers depth.

Sure I can get the same information free from online sources, but I’m happy to pay for the packaging the developers of the software did. Great job guys! [Adam Curry: Adam Curry’s Weblog]

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