Predicting Earthquakes … becoming a reality!
I used to go to SVRA (State Vehicular Recreational Area) in California – near the town of Hollister – to ride my dirt bike. Once while were down there there was a good sized earthquake, and we were less than a mile from the epicenter. It was an amazing experience. I remember that I had walked over to a spigot on the campground to wash some breakfast dishes, and all of the sudden I lost my balance and fell over. And looking up, I saw campers swaying and watched my bike fall off it’s stand. As soon as I stood up, the shaking stopped … and the ground that had felt like standing on a water bed became solid again.

The thought of the ability to predict these quakes will be extremely valuable to communities around the world. And knowing people these days, it might prove to be a whole new “real world” experience! I can just imagine the news: “Scientists predict large quake … thrill seekers flock to location.

Predicting the Next Big One. Scientists at UCLA have successfully predicted the magnitude of recent earthquakes around the world within a time frame of mere months. What’s next? A quake in the Mojave Desert, and it looks like it’ll be a big one. By Amit Asaravala. [Wired News]

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