Working things out without lawyers …

I’m up early this morning … sad that you are not here.  I had
asked your mother via e-mail (since she will not talk to me) if I could
have you for the weekend.  I even offered that she could come
along.  I wanted to take you swimming last night at the Kamas
pool, and then go work and play in the barn and yard today.  I’m
going to put the mower deck on the lawn tractor and cut the back yard
since Spring is here and the grass is already growing like crazy. 
Tomorrow I was thinking that we would head to church, get some brunch
afterwards, and then maybe take a hike after your nap.

But you aren’t here.

On a side note, I have to follow up aafter my post last night.  I
have begged your mother to work this out through mediation.  We
could have met with a trained professional who would assist us in not
allowing emotions to cloud our efforts to either resolve our
differences, or to settle in a way that would work for both of
us.  I have asked your mother to be in communications numerous
times … to please let me know what she is up to.

Yesterday, started to call around to find a lawyer … specifically to
get access to you.  While calling around, I happened to call one
law office that stated “I’m sorry … your wife has already been here
and it would be a conflict of interest.”  What that means is that
your mother *might* have retained an lawyer.  If she has, I wish
that she would have said something.  I specifically sent her an
e-mail indicating that I have *not* yet retained an attorney … I
really wanted us to work this out.

I have not yet taken off my wedding ring … I still hold out some sort
of commitment that things can be worked out.  I wish that she
would talk with me.

I’m pretty sad right now.

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