What an awesome day …

I forgot to post this last night … I wrote it late on Saturday night.

Today was a great day. I worked on my ZombieTrack project in the
morning, and while doing that I got an e-mail with the most spectacular
news. I’ll write more about that later.

I got the snow blower off of the tractor, and then found that the
tractor wouldn’t start. I had to mess with the starter for a
while, and I was able to get the little starter gear unstuck … and
then it started without a problem. I opened and set-up the
pressure washer that I must have bought over a year ago. I used
it to clean the mower deck, and then the tractor. The pressure
washer rocks.

I then filled the big roller with water and got out and cut the grass
in the backyard. It really was a gorgeous day. I even got a
little too much sun …

After that I got ready to go to Salt Lake City to meet friends.
We went to the Third Eye Blind concert at the Delta Center. It
was a lot of fun.

I look forward to seeing you, Sam. I can’t wait to play again …
to talk with you … to see how much you have grown even in the one
week that I have not seen you. It won’t be long now …

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