Nice ride …

Today was a really nice afternoon … I had some time and took my motorcycle out for a ride.  I’ve got a 1988 BMW R100GS … I’m going to post some pictures of it … and I love the bike.  Not only is it a nice ride on the road, but it is fully capable of taking me off-road on the many amazing fire-roads and 4WD roads in the mountains of Utah.

I’ve been getting out on my bike again after taking a break for quite a while … almost 8 years since I’ve ridden it off-road.  Today was the first off-road trip that I’ve taken this year, and it was a blast.  Even for a 1000cc bike, it’s amazingly agile for cruising the dirt roads.  Today, I took a long round-trip ride from Heber City, up to Strawberry Reservoir, and then on East Main Canyon Road – a dirt road that degraded into some really rough and rutted less-than-one-lane parts – to Wallsburg.  From Wallsburg I headed back into Midway, cruised around the Heber Valley for a bit, and then headed home.  You can see my Heber-Strawberry-East Main Canyon-Wallsburg-Heber ride here … on

I’m looking forward to a few more rides this summer.  I’ll be heading up into the Uintah mountains, and maybe take a trip up towards Yellowstone.  We’ll see.  If you are into riding here in Utah and want to explore some nice rides, comment on this post … we’ll see if we can get a good group together to take some rides!

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