Tracking the popular memes …
One of the areas that I have been facinated about for quite some time is the tracking of popular ideas and current trends. There are numerous ways to do this, and I proposed one at Novell while working for Drew Major – Flow Mining. Flow Mining is the mining of data which flows through the net … with Novell I was interested in mining the flow of URL requests received by a proxy/cache.

This is another innovative approach to the same thing … looking at what URLs are placed in weblogs … what is of interest to people generating weblogs. There is a lot that can be learned by this, including observing which domains generate the most interesting URLs, and which URLs are growing from no interest to more interest.

This is a very cool project that has a huge amount of potential in many directions … IMHO.

Tracking Bloggers With Blogdex. MIT’s Media Lab just rolled out Blogdex, which tracks the most popular links across thousands of weblogs. The plan is to help the media get a handle on the explosion of personal news. By Leander Kahney. [Wired News]

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