Who is 80211.net?

Since 1996 our research team has been working with wireless networks, and even early implementations of 802.11 networks. We began with the earliest Xircom 1Mb wireless PCMCIA cards in 1995, and worked closely with NetWave Wireless (the Xircom spin-off) as they developed and released their 2MB solutions.

In 1998, we created the largest wireless-enabled conference ever held on earth at that time.  At Novell’s Brainshare Conference in Salt Lake City, we installed 2Mb 802.11 access points from NetWave Wireless throughout the Salt Palace convention center, covering a five city block area. 750 attendees were able to get wireless access to the Internet for simply a credit card deposit. This
was the beginning of what we saw for the future.  This is when we registered this domain name!

Since this event, we have been slowly developing an evolving an architecture and business model for the creation of a global wireless network … completely built by anyone that would like to participate. We have been through three generations of this project now, and are about to deploy the fourth generation architecture … and it will be coming here soon.  We are now beginning
our first deployments here in the Salt Lake City area, and will be opening our network to anyone that wants to join … and make money.

Now that “community networks” are beginning to get some attention, we are committed that this is the right time to deploy our creation …

Stay tuned and check back … we just added some new mail lists on our Support
and Registration pages!  Please feel free to subscribe to these, or just drop an e-mail to us here!

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