The beginning of the end …


This blog is now going to become quite a different thing.  I had
really hoped that I was going to be writing about your growth and
development … which it is.  But for the foreseeable future it is
also going to be where I document the beginning of the end of my
marriage to your mother.  I want you to knowt hat I love her a
lot.  I always have … from when I first saw her … and I always
will.  She is a beautiful woman, and is very intelligent … and
funny … and fun to be with.  Her creativity abounds.

The divorce that we are about to go through has little to do with her
directly … it is more about your step-brother Joe, and her inability
to see that he could really use some help.  He is a very smart boy
… but almost too smart for himself.  And he has been raised to
respect very little in this world … which is very sad.

I have lived for several years now looking for a way to really make a
difference in his life.  I really wanted to see him turn the
corner.  As he turned 13, things just continued to get
worse.  His behavior at school, and at home, continued to
demonstrate what occurred as an entitlement to anything and everything.

I want to say that I am the one who chose to end the marriage.  I
chose a life where I did not have to live with Joe in the house …
behaving the way that he does.  Your mother simply did not want to
stop his talking back, his attitude, and his constant disrespect. 
I am not sure why.

On Monday of this week – April 18, 2005 – your mother ran away with
you.  She had talked to the school, and to Utah Dept. of Family
Services, about Joe … and both of them advised her that Joe was a
real problem.  For some reason, she then chose to pack up the car,
take you and Joe, and go to the bank.  There, she took all of the
money in several bank accounts, and then ran.

I called her that night on my way home from a class in Salt Lake City
to ask where I could meet her so that we could play.  I wanted to
take you to the park … or to find a place to play in Park City. 
She told me that she wanted me to leave the house … and then that she
was taking Joe to yourt grandmothers house.  I begged her to meet
me … I asked her to allow me to see you.  She said that she
would drop off Joe and then head back to the house.  She said that
she would call me right back … and never did.

The last time that I saw you was Monday morning … it is now Friday
night.  I miss playing with you … fighting and wrestling in the
front room … watching Baby Einstein.

I’ll write more … and I know that I will see you soon enough!  I
love you and I will make sure that you know that!  I will do my
best to make sure that we all get through this with an incredible

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