The calls …

I woke up this morning at ~5:50am … I wasn’t sure why.  I
thought that I had heard something … but nothing was there.  I
laid there looking at the clock.

For some reason I then noticed the light on my phone turn off.  I
picked it up, and looked at the phone … 5 missed calls.  I
clicked to see who called and there were three calls from Grandma
Sanchez’s house, and two from your moms phone.  I laid there
wondering what to do … what might be going on.

I called your mom at your great-grandmothers house … and she
answered.  We talked about things … Grandma Sanchez had been
taken to the hospital after she woke up and seemed to have had a
stroke.  Later, we found out that she simply had extremely low
blood sugar.

You mother and I talked about things more … our lives … or
relationship … Joe … and what had gone on the last week.  She
indicated that she had got a lawyer to see what her rights were to take
you away from me.  She also filed for divorce, so that she could
sue for access to the building.  She looked into getting Joe into
school in Salt Lake City … and into therapy.  She refused to
admit … or say … that Joe has any problems.  She wants to stay
separated … although she is not specific about how she wants to do
things.  She has not indicated how you and I will see each
other.  She let me say “Hi” to you on the phone.

I have to admit that I am truly not sure of what I want to do.  I
am thinking that I am going to give her the chance to talk more … to
tell me what she is thinking … and to commit to how things are going
to be moving forward.  I want to hear her say that she is willing
to do what it takes … and to somehow demonstrate that this is the
case.  I am not sure how to do that in a day …

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