What an amazing turn of events … by an amazing woman …


I have to admit that I really could not have believed that we would be
where we are today. You mom is giving you a bath in the bathroom,
and I’m working on zombieTrack again. The last couple of days
have been amazing … and your mother has really surprised me … and a
lot of other people.

On Monday I called your mom as I headed to Salt Lake City to meeting
with potential attorneys. I went to Sugarhouse Coffee and worked
on some programming and e-mail. She let me know that she was
going to enroll Joe in a school in Salt Lake City. She called me
when that was done, and we met in Sugarhouse Park … it was so good to
see you. It was great to see both of you. You mother and I
talked for quite a while and you played in the playground. I
think that we must have talked, and cried, for almost two hours.
it was wonderful. I was so glad that your mother chose to call
and be in communication. Once we started to talk again, we were
quickly able to work out a lot of issues. I was amazed that she
was truly ready to offer to do so much to salvage and rebuild our
relationship … and I was open to the idea only because of who she was

I asked her what she had to ‘undo’ … what had to be reversed and
recovered. She admitted that she had filed for divorce, in order
to file a “ex parte temporary restraining order’ to attempt to get
access to the building and salon in Heber City. Sam … we’ll
have to remind her forever that she divorced me to get access to the
building to cut some hair! I’ll forgive her if you do! So
… she had to contact her attorney to stop the various actions.

I left and went to see an attorney at 4:00pm … I went through the
meeting to fully understand what I would have been able to do to ensure
that I would have adequate access to you … and to push for as much
custody as I could get. The entire time I could not really think
about anything except for the fact that I no longer believed that I
needed an attorney … I really wanted to believe that this entire
episode was over. We were going to be a family again.

Your mother is an amazing woman. She had to do a lot to be able
to call me the way that she did … and to be willing to really take on
life. She had some tough choices to make, and she made
them. And we are all going to benefit from them. I love her
a lot … and always will.

I’ll write more as I get some time … but your mother and you came
home to me on Monday night. And it was great to put your to bed
in your crib, and to go to sleep with your mother beside me.
We’re back together as a family.

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