Phil’s CTO Breakfast

This morning is another CTO Breakfast. I always enjoy the people
that I meet and the topics that we discuss. There is no specific
agenda … the conversations just flow from one meme to another, with
the occasional leap.

This morning we talked about a variety of things:

  • Simulation of Systems
  • Java and C#
  • Simplicity, and the natural tendancy towards complexity
  • Fernando Flores and his book Understanding Computers and Cognition
  • There were questions about the new Tiger Mac OS
  • Genealogy technologies and the issues with identity
    • a huge project was described …
    • working with ~500 million to ~1 billion individuals (person objects)
    • differences in identity caused by multiple observers
    • SuSE SLES9 based platforms
    • using Oracle, written in Java
  • this led to more identity conversation
    • identity is given from community
    • identity only exists in the context of a community

It was another fun morning … with lots of good conversation …

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