Fernando Flores … and Landmark Education

At todays CTO Breakfast, we talked about Fernando Flores … someone
whom I respect tremendously. While searching for a link to his
book, I found this Fast Company article – The Power of Words – that outlines some of his controversial, yet effect work.

What is interesting is that this article talks about his links and association with Werner Erhard and the work that he is doing to transform peoples lives … and thus the organizations that they are a part of.

I had the priviledge over the last number of years to take a whole
series of courses offered by Landmark Education – “Erhard’s original
thinking and the processes developed from it are found updated and
further developed in the programs of Landmark Education.”

For anyone who truly wants to understand the power of words … to see
how language determines our future … I can not recommend these
courses enough. Hmmm … I might have to go and review some of
these soon …

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