Chris Anderson @ Telecosm

Chris Anderson was up next … I saw him speak at eTech a while
back.  I actually sat next to him at eTech before he spoke …
although I didn’t know it until he got up to speak.

He gave his Long Tail presentation, and there were some updated
details.  It’s a insightful presentation that talks about one way
that the Internet is allowing more companies to exploit the “long tail”
… the vast market that exists outside of the high-volume markets.

As he progressed through his thoughts, he brought up his Set of Three Forces … something that I had forgotten:

  • Force 1: Democratize the production
  • Force 2: Lower the cost of consumption
  • Force 3: Connect consumers

As he talked about the first force, I got sidetracked as I explored the companies that he brought up – Flickr, Typepad, GarageBand, Movie Maker, Lulu.  I had heard of the first three, couldn’t find the fourth, and started to read about the last one – Lulu.

I like to think about this in the context of Agilix Labs and what we can
offfer to students.  Force 1 and Force 3 seem to be the easiest to

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