Crappy Wireless @ Telecosm

I haven’t been blogging … since it was just too much of a pain. 
The wireless network here at Telecosm – of all places – was a
complete joke this year!  I’ve taken lots of notes, and will post
when I get someplace that there is decent bandwidth … like back in my

The guys from Tropos Networks were supposed
to be providing wireless, however what they provided was crap.  I
had to argue with them on Tuesday to get them to even get it working
… and then it has been up and down for the last two days.  When
it was working, the bandwidth sucked.

It’s amazing in this day and age, to be at a high-end conference that
is talking about the Internet, and not be able to get high-speed
wireless Internet access.

If I come next year, I’ll be bringing all of my own equipment to provide wireless for the attendees!

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