Web 2.0 Expo – Microsoft Mesh

I’m sitting in the keynote at the end of Day Two of the Web 2.0 Expo.  Microsoft’s Amit Mital, Mesh’s General Manager.  He started off by talking about the fact that we all have more and more Internet attached devices – from PCs to laptops, to mobile phones – that all have Internet connections.  He then commented on how all of these devices do not yet share all of your information … they don’t seem to talk … communicate … or share information.

Live Mesh is a Software + Service platform that provides services for devices to become aware of each other, and to share data and information. He showed the “trailer” about Live Mesh.  In the example, he showed where a photo being taken on a smart phone can instantly and transparently synchronized to other phones, PCs, XBox, and even showed “dad” using a Macbook at the airport.  As the phone took the photo and saved it, the photo was immediately synchronized to all of these other devices and made available.  But he stressed this is not just about photo and file synchronization … but is a core engine that provides the mechanisms for the communications between devices using standard protocols … with NAT and Firewall traversal … and peer to peer capabilities.
He then showed a quick look at the “device ring” … this is where you add devices into your mesh.  You can then add “folders” where you can put files.  You can invite others to share via e-mail.  There are then feeds for the mesh, and folders, so that you can see events of what is going on in the mesh.  Data and applications are always available.  Resyncing your data into a new device … is simply adding into into your “device ring” …

His entire presentation was quick … and was accepted with mixed reaction.  I’m looking forward to playing with Live Mesh, and writing more about my experience and what I learn.  I’ll attend some sessions tomorrow or Friday … and will post more then!

P.S. They are giving us a URL to download the early access code … I can’t wait!  🙂

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