Tech geeks … get a grip! We are a small minority!

I often talk with fiends about the “blinders” that we develop in the tech industry.  Those who participate in the “blogosphere” often fail to realize that this is a very small, minority group of people.  Most of the rest of the world has no clue about the goings on in the tech world … let alone the “Web 2.0” world.

This is further back up by articles like this one:  Pew Research:  ‘Web 2.0’ Crowd a Small Minority

The best quote in this article is:

“Yet those online and deeply engaged in “Web 2.0” activities represent a distinct minority of the population. Interestingly, there was a fairly high degree of ambivalence about technology reflected in the data, even among “middle of the road” users (i.e., “Connected but Hassled”).”

One of the worst things that you can do in business is to be so entrenched in your own world, that you fail to remember that the rest of the world has not caught up yet!

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