Computers in the car … more coming soon …
I have been slowly outfitting my car with a variety of computers and applications. I see this as a big growth area as we create more powerful applications for navigation and communications … many of which will be used in our cars.

So far I am using my computer for both MP3 audio and navigation. I am using WinAmp (my favorite MP3 player) and Microsoft Streets & Trips. There are some other cool things that I’ve been working on … I have wireless in the car using a DLink 802.11b USB device so that when my car is parked in my garage or driveway I can remotely connect and transfer MP3s back and forth. I also have the GPS connected with the Microsoft software for all navigation.

My next step is to get Jabber working over a cheap CDPD modem for full time presence and instant messaging from my car!

Motorola takes the driver’s seat. video The electronics maker announces deals with BMW and Audi to equip cars with telecommunications and computing capabilities. [CNET Tech News]

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