Down at Comdex … creating the future …
I’m down in Las Vegas … spent the whole day, and will be here all day tomorrow as well. It’s been a fun day so far. The registration was light, there was security present at the doors, and the number of people on the floor was light.

I’m walking the floor with a good friend, John Pugh, who I haven’t seen in quite a while. I’s a blast to get a chance to brainstorm with him … spew ideas at him … and catch up on things.

It’s been a fun show, and as usual I spent my time looking through all of the little booths that are here representing the various Pacific Rim countries – Korea, Thailand, Tiawan, etc. I have to say that the Korea booths were filled with some cool stuff … a lot of wireless, new funky computer cases, and some other cool products. I barely made it half way through the Tiawan section, and so we are going to pick up there tomorrow morning.

I spent some time at the Xybernaut booth … I’ll be working closely with them as we move forward with HumanXtensions. Here at the show, most of the folks are oriented towards WinCE, Palm, and the new PocketPC 2002 … but Xybernaut and few others are seeing the future … full blown PCs with full power operating systems.

I found a large number of interesting technologies and products … I found the LCD panels that I wanted for one application … and I’m searching for the others tomorrow. I found some cool peripherals, and several interesting security peripherals. There are large numbers of “Internet Appliances”, or appliance developer kits …

I’ll be writing all about this in the upcoming month or so … there is a lot going on in the market place!

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