Interesting “virus-free” Internet Cafe solution …
I was thinking of various solutions for securing Internet Cafe computers from viruses and trojan-horses. This is an issue for both the owner of the computer and the customer using it.

When a customer walks in to use the computer, they are expecting a system that is ready to use, and one that does not contain any viruses or software which might compromise their security. The issue is that viruses and trojan-horses can be installed by other customers – either by accident or by malicious intent.

What would happen, however, if I took my own operating system on my own CD-ROM into the cafe and booted it? I could then be reasonably assured that the entire computer would be running my OS and applications … on a storage medium that can not be infected. If my data is all stored out in the net, I would be able to access all of it.

Of course, this does not take into account the possibility of a ‘hacked’ keyboard or BIOS … but it’s getting much better!

Lnx Bootable Business Card 1.618 (development). A bootable rescue CD cut to the size and shape of a business card. []

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