My father and his blogging …
While I have been spending all of my time lately doing everything *BUT* blogging, my father has now got some press about his blog. I set him up a year or so ago with his own place to express himself on the web … SamSaid!. I wanted to do this for him to have this place to publish, and also as an experiment to see how easy it is to blog. My father is not a heavy computer user and so he is a good “average user” for me to learn from.

Somehow he ran into someone in the local press where he lives that was intrigued by his blogging, and so they wrote this article about him. Very cool … my father is proof of the power of the blog, and that it is something that can be done by almost anyone!

Now it’s time for me to get back into the swing of blogging … I’ve been catching up on my reading … I want to start writing again!

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