Out of communication …
Wow … it’s been months since I spewed a single post! Way too long.

There are several excuses that I could create, however it just comes down to what I’ve been committed to lately. I have been on a push to finally complete the remodel of my building up in Heber City. I bought the place years ago … started the remodel to build out offices on two floors, and then the tech crash occurred. Things sat for a long time, and so about 6-8 months ago I chose to get it complete … and we are almost there. I’ve now completed the electrical and plumbing, we insulated and got the sheet rock done. After the taping and texture, a friend and I painted the entire place. As of yesterday, we got the finish electrical and plumbing complete. I’m down to a lot of finish painting, and then getting a couple of floors done. With all the other things to do in life, I figure we’ll get it complete before the end of September!

Outside of that, one of the companies that I was consulting to – Vultus – was acquired by The SCO Group. In the acquisition, I was asked to change from a part-time employee status to become a full-time employee. With everything that is going on, it was an interesting choice to make … however I chose the job with SCO.

Since joining SCO right around the first of June, we have taken on making a huge difference with the product groups at SCO. The lawsuits and legal issues are all with the “other” division of SCO – SCOSource – while we are now a part of the SCO products division. This organization has now gone through significant changes since we joined … new management … new vision … new strategies.

As the SCOx Chief Architect” I am now working with a great team of people to create a new abstraction layer above operating systems. I’ll post more about this as time progresses. The SCOx Application Substrate is what we are calling it, and it was announced last week at the SCO Forum in Las Vegas. It’s a cool concept that leverages all of the advances in operating systems, along with their bundling of common languages and services, and uses Web Services (SOAP) as the current common API. I was glad to see that the folks that invented UNIX were interested in exploring what comes next!

Outside of these two huge projects, I of course have been having an incredible time with my family and new son. Sam (named after my father and grandfather!) is almost one year old, and is growing like crazy! He’s now walking, and starting to learn words … it’s wild.

I actually am a little bummed that I haven’t been blogging more about him … and myself.

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