Open Source Terrorism?
I can understand that many people are upset and confused about the SCO Group and their issues with Linux. Some of these people are, however, taking an approach that is a modern form of terrorism to demonstrate their upset.

Numerous times now, hackers on the Internet have mounted large Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS) attacks on SCO computers and web sites. To do this, they have hacked into hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of computers on the Internet, and have installed “zombie” software that sends packets of data to the SCO computers. All of these packets can then overload the capacity of these computers, and makes the SCO web site, and other service, unavailable.

There are numerous issues with this approach to dealing with being upset. First, this is a blatant form of terrorism. No matter what anyone “feels” about the situation, SCO is following the letter of the law to pursue its rights. Within the Democratic society that we live in, SCO is using the courts and legal system to pursue the resolution of the issues that it has with its licensees. It is absolute terrorism if all companies across the globe can expect to be attacked for using the judicial system that we have created.

Secondly, as this article talks about, these attacks are not only impacting SCO, but many other companies. This again is a form of terrorism where “innocent bystanders” are being impacted by the attacks aimed at SCO.

It is too bad that even in this new age of computers and the Internet, there are those who still resort to these tactics to attack those who are pursuing their rights within the systems we have created.

SCO DOS Harming Innocent Bystanders [Slashdot]

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