Is there another valid perspective?
It’s interesting to see all of the press and comments about the SCO lawsuit. This was a posting to Slashdot that was in interesting contrast.

The writer of this post actually asked the question .. or opened an exploration into a broader question: “Is there maybe something that SCO is doing, that although we are completely against it, might have some level of validity?”

I have to say that there is considerable outrage and upset in the Open Source community. The last time that I checked, SCO was pursuing the legal steps that are defined within our society to resolve these types of issues. It appears to me that there are now two issues to be resolved:

  • a) What exactly *did* Novell sell to SCO for 6.1 million shares of SCO stock?

  • b) Is the UNIX license between IBM and SCO a valid license, and is IBM in full compliance with the terms?

Outside of all of the “religious” wars … these are the two real issues. If SCO does own the license agreements, and IBM is in violation … then it seems that everyone else missed something *very* big.

SCO – What have WE Forgotten? [Slashdot]

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