My work …

I have been too busy with too many projects lately. Not enough
time in the day to catch up on all the ready, and to blog. Well
… I just haven’t been setting aside the time …

We are moving forward on our next operating system product releases,
and the initial release of our SCOx Web Services Substrate
product. I’ve been working with UnixWare 7.1.4 builds, and also
implementing some new experiments on OpenServer 5.0.7. I set
aside the Darwin work for a few weeks while we get these product into
production. The Web Services Substrate is coming together.
We’ll have two of the core ‘encapsulators’ complete for
console-applications and SQL databases, along with the latest release
of WebFace and WebFace Studio. We already have some interested
customers, and are working to complete some demonstrations for Forum
2004 … it’ll be coming up quickly. It’s been fun to create a
set of web services that interface with UNIX and UNIX utilities …
we’re working on a WebFace UI for one of the demo services today.

I’ve been working with Virtual PC 2004 a lot lately … I bought a 60GB
external 2.5″ USB 2.0/Firewire hard disk … it is amazing. I’ve
stored all of my music, along with the Virtual PC .vhd disk files, and
countless .iso images … 60GB is a lot for a “second” drive.

I’m also working with MRTG again … I’ve written a set of scripts that
scrape statistics from various devices “web management” pages. I
also wrote a couple of custom scripts to graph data counts and stats
from a couple of MySQL databases. I now have a very complete view
of my wireless network, and the remote Internet cafe’s.

I have to get caught up on reading … there have been too many SCO
announcements lately … I’m sure there is a lot of conspiracy theory
to catch up on! Let’s see, last I heard Baystar was a puppet for
Microsoft … then they were wonderful for asking for their $20 million
investment back (still Microsoft puppet?) … now they are weakening
their position, and not commenting on the details of their request, and
saying that we just need “new management” to focus on the lawsuits and
not products … what will the Groklaw community think?

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