Ralph Merkle … Distinguished Professor of Computing

I really enjoy listening to Ralph Merkle speak. He obviously
loves what he is doing, and he knows a lot about his field. He is
working at Georgia Tech … or should I say playing … and is involved with the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing. He is currently co-Authoring a book with Robert A. Freitas Jr.Kinematic Self-Replicating Machines … A general review of the theoretical and experimental literature pertaining to physical self-replicating systems

He is really up on the current arguments about What is nanotech? and has a long list of examples of numerous nanotech products that are arrivingon the market –
from cosmetics to kitchen and bathroom surfaces, sun glasses coatings, etc.

There are also a variety of lawsuits are now arguing “What is
nanotech and what is not?” due to funds that are claiming nanotech

The arguments against the feasibility of molecular manufacturing are
causing more and more critical examination … and more people are
starting to see the possibility.

It’s always great to hear the details of the “State of NanoTech” from someone that is so plugged in.

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