More Open Source foolishness

It is movements like this one that will prove to be the downfall of
Open Source.  This article references a blog post where an author
is promoting the Open Source movement to become an “anti-Windows”
movement.  This is absolute foolishness, IMHO.

When is it that people will learn the basics of success?  It is
about creating something, and making it something that is so good that
people adopt it for its own value.  The Open Source community
seems to have a large split … those who are truly pursuing “open”
software, and those who are motivated by a desire to “fight
Microsoft.”  The sad thing is that the “fight Microsoft” crowd are
doing more damage to Open Source than they could ever imagine.

To talk about an Open Source strategy that involves applications being
written to only support a particular operating system, Linux, in order
to “force” people to migrate to that operating system, will only turn
the Open Source movement into the next “lock-in” for potential
customers.  This is always a failed strategy.  If Linux is
going to succeed and be adopted, it will be due to the fact that it
delivers real value.  If people are forced to Linux to use Open
Source, then both will be impacted in a negative way.  Humans like
the opportunity to choose value … not be forced into a particular

On top of that, most advanced strategists and scientists fully
understand that operating systems are becoming a commodity with little
differentiation.  It is only the Linux groupies and extremists
that want to force the whole world to Linux.  If you look around,
there are numerous other kernels that exist – Darwin (Apple), SkyOS,
Solaris, etc. – that have nothing to do with Linux.  As an Open
Source developer, why would you want to tie your application to a
specific kernel and its future?  Don’t most developers realize
there will be other kernels in the future?  It seems that much of
the world has seen the advantages of virtual machines and
cross-platform development langauges.  Is Linux really so weak
that it can only succeed if people are forced to go to it?  I don’t think so.

Instead of turning Open Source into Anti-Microsoft Source, embrace the
real notion of Open Source and write to be completely abstracted from
the many kernels of the world.  The strongest solution will
survive and flourish!

Open Source on Windows – Boon or Bane for Linux? [Slashdot:]

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