More dynamic collage applications

My friend Todd Dailey just sent me a link to more applications similar to 10×10.
I have to warn that this one is very cool, however there are sometimes
images with nudity that some people would find offensive. It’s
not that it is designed to include these images … it’s just designed
not to discriminate.

As long as you are ok with a wide range of possible images, then you can go and look at WebCollage … an application developed by Jamie Zawinski.
Unlike 10×10 where the images are grabbed from news services,
WebCollage grabs images by doing random searches on various search
engines, and then finding the images on the resulting pages.
These images are then combined into a collage that updates about once a

Unlike visual collages, there are also the written collages … like DadaDodo. This project is creating text based on other text, in a format that is designed to “Exterminate All Rational Thought”. To see a sample you can click here.
I see this as a variation, at a lower level, to the concepts of
“multidisciplinary exposure” … something alluded to in the recent
book Medici Effect – Breakthrough Insights at the Intersection of Ideas, Concepts, and

Lastly, Jamie also refers to DriftNet … something I really want to install and play with! A version of EtherPeg for UNIX/Linux.

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