Hiking up the mountain

On Sunday night, you wanted to go and hike the mountain behind our
house.  You started to say that you wanted to hike to the shed …
the wireless Internet shed that I built up on the mountain.  So I
talked your mom into going, and we all headed up the mountain.

It was funny as you started to yell at your mom – “Mom … let’s go!” –
and you scurried up the trail.  I have to admit that I was
impressed … this was the first time that you were able to go all the
way up with out stopping!  And when we got to the top, you wanted
to just keep going!  It was a blast.

On Monday night, after I got home from work, your mom wanted to go hang
out with Joe, and so you and I went hiking up the mountain again. 
This time we went up the main trail, and up to the “flat” area … and
then we just kept going.  I was again amazing at your stamina and
excitement.  We crawled through the trees, went off trail (which
you kept yelling “bush wackin'”) and you just wanted to keep
going.  We ended up at the top of the trails … almost to the
point of going up the ridge above the gravel pit.  It was a long
ways up.

On the way down, you fell twice … doing complete “chest plants” …
and you got up and shook it off.  I can see that I am going to
enjoy taking you out and hiking more … we’ll have to plan a camping
trip before long … maybe even this summer!

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