Fedora Core 4 … and Up2Date still sucks

I haven’t posted for a bit … too busy with work, play, and
family.  I did get a chance to install Fedora Core 4 though, and
is was a good experience.  I actually did an upgrade of a Fedora
Core 2 box, since that is what most of my servers are running now.

I wanted to see just how hard it might be to bring them all up to
date.  I had tried to do upgrades to Fedora Core 3, but that
failed completely.  There were far too many packages broken when I
tried to do this.  I’ll do some more work with Fedora Core 4 and
see if this might be my next platform to move to.

One thing that I have to comment on is that Red Hat and Fedora still
have a LOT to lern from Microsoft and Windows Update.  Since doing
this upgrade I have tried numerous times to get the server up to date
using the free Up2Date application.  And it fails 90% of the
time.  I fully understand this is free … and uses distributed
servers across the globe … but it still fails.  The packages
begin to download and inevitably there will be one that simply stops
during the download … and it never recovers.  I have left it for
hours, and nothing … just stuck sitting there.  What a piece of
crap.  Anyone that understands network programming has to account
for these types of failures and deal with them gracefully. 
Up2Date still isn’t completely baked …

Anyhow … we’ll see how things go besides that.  I really wanted
to get to Fedora Core 4 so that I could install and get some PHP5
applications working.  I have had to run them on Windows up till
now.  I’ll see if I can get things working by this weekend.

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