Garage Blogging

I had to do it.  Garage Blogging.

I was waiting for lunch to finish cooking, and so I was playing with my
son, Sam, in the garage.  While we were playing I was loading my
truck with my tools for my after-lunch project … I’m heading into
Salt Lake City to work on installing a wireless set-up at an Internet
Cafe.  I had some stuff I had to check on-line, but Sam was having
too much fun playing with his Spiderman Car.  Wireless rules!

I grabbed my laptop from inside, and sat down out in the garage and got
to work . .. what a nice day.  I headed out to the front porch and
thought about the amazing progress … I’m no longer stuck to a desk to
get some quick “global” work done … I can work from my garage. 
Even though I live with technology ever day, some times it still hits
me as truly amazing.  Wild to think where we will be in the next
10 years.

I’ll be at George Gilder’s Telecosm
conference this week … I’ll be blogging there.  I haven’t been
to one of his conferences since 2000.  In 2001 the events of 9/11
caused the conference to be cancelled.  Since then, I’ve been too
busy working on things.  I’m really looking forward to this years

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