Will it make a difference?

I missed this announcement, and although I applaud the efforts of
Honda, I really have to wonder if it will make much of a
difference? Airbags for motorcycles? The two points that
caught my attention is that it is intended from accidents up to 31 mph
… and that really is not too fast. Remember that if you are
hitting a moving object, and it is coming towards you, then you have to
add the two speeds of the
vehicles together. So in a head-on collision, if you are going 25
mph, then the other vehicle can not be going over 6 mph? And the
article also mention that this solution is intended for straight-angle
– or head-on – collisions. Again … I like the idea and applaud
the efforts … I’m just not sure that it will assist much in teh
majority of accidents. I know that the one person it saves will
make the whole thing worth it.

Honda debuts motorcycle airbag.
Blog: Honda Motor on Thursday took the wraps off its first airbag
designed to protect motorcyclists in the event of a crash. … [CNET News.com]

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