February CTO Breakfast

Wow … what a crowd! This morning was quite packed, and there
was a good variety of people from many roles in Utah companies.

Phil started off talking with Hilarie Orman from Purple Streak.
It turns out that Phil was familiar with some of the previous work of
Hilarie, and some of the people that she worked with. This led
into an interesting conversation about security, encryption, and
quantum computing. She was involved in the Demo Conference … on
a security panel. She mentioned that Koogle(?) was one of the
more interesting demos.

Bruce Grant started to talk about his perspectives of Demo, and some of
the mobile applications and thoughts on where mobile devices are
going. He talked about the difficulty in developing software for
these devices due to all of the various operating systems, etc.
He also commented that there will be some sort of consolidation …
which I agree with. This is a standard EVO-DEVO pattern.

I commented that I believe that the Negroponte $100 laptop
is going to be one of the catalysts that is going to cause the
consolidation. I’m not so sure that this device is going to be in
high demand for the developed world, however it is going to drive
innovation and solutions that wil be delivered at a slightly higher
price point.

I missed a good bit of conversation going to get some food, but when I
returned we were well into a conversation about AJAX, and the new Web
2.0 trends. One of the people brought up a new Marc Andreessen
project called Ning. Very
cool … some very innovative ideas as a platform for the creation and
sharing of social application. This is a variation on JotSpot … and I’m going to do some experimenting.

Fun morning …

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