May CTO Breakfast

It is time for another Phil Windley
CTO Breakfast. It was a smaller
group, but some good conversations – both technical and
philosophical. Some good talk about business and team management.

I walked in and there was a conversation about “in the net” storage. Bruce Fryer from DiGiSENSE brought up JungleDisk
… which looks very cool! This solves one of the things that I have
wanted for a while now. I’ve been backing up my various laptops
and home computers to a server at my house. On Windows I’m using
a very cool tool called Second Copy
that I found years back. Second Copy provides very customizable
copying profiles to mirror date from my hard disk to almost
anywhere. So each night when I go to bed I ensure that I set up a
Samba share to my Linux server in the basement. Second Copy kicks
off after 2:00am and replicates several designated subdirectories from
my machine to the server. It also will create “archive” copies of
any changed files … keeping the last {x} copies of changed
files. The one hole in my model is that I don’t currently have
“off-site” backup. With JungleDisk it appears that I can now
consider automating the replication of my server storage to Amazons S3
storage in the net!

I really didn’t take too many notes today … the conversations were
too fun! I started to fall quite behind in my typing. We talked
about Identity, and that VeriSign has added an OpenID service. This is a good thing as it is showing the growing momentum in Internet Identity.

The web site World Mapper
was brought up. This is a very cool site that shifts the sizes of the
various countries based on a number of criteria. I really like
maps and checking out the statistics of the world … this site has
great information.

Someone brought up the “the Lost experience
… which is a very interesting way that the TV show Lost is now
attracting people to the commercials by embedding puzzles into these
commercials. Hollywood and the Networks are now starting to
learn how to leverage the net … finally.

Too many other conversations … I just wasn’t committted to blogging
it all today. It was fun to be with the group, and I look forward
to next month!

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